Free Black Book Value ICBC Tax Calculation for Used Cars in BC

Free Black Book Value & ICBC Tax Calculation for Used Cars in BC

In British Columbia, most private vehicle sales are subject to a 12% Provincial Sales Tax (PST), collected by an ICBC insurance broker when the buyer registers the vehicle. This tax is based on whichever is higher: the actual purchase price or the average wholesale value from the Canadian Black Book. BC uses the Canadian Black Book for auto sales tax assessments, whereas other regions might use different sources, like the Kelley Blue Book or the Canadian Red Book, for similar tax calculations.

ICBC Tax: Obtain Your Vehicle’s Black Book Value for Free

At Certified Quick Car Appraisals (CQCA), we offer a complimentary service to provide you with the Black Book’s average wholesale valuation for your vehicle. ICBC utilizes this figure for tax calculation. To obtain this value for your car, SUV or pickup truck, please share its VIN with us. You can contact us via text or WhatsApp at 778 837 6438, or send an email to We’re committed to providing you with this information for free.

Unlock the Benefits of a Professional Online Vehicle Appraisal:

If your vehicle exhibits defects such as high mileage, significant body damage or rust, major mechanical issues, or a rebuilt status, obtaining an expert online appraisal from CQCA can be advantageous. This appraisal can help you avoid overpaying taxes and ensure a fair assessment of your vehicle’s value.

Complimentary Appraised Value:

Start with a complimentary consultation to determine any potential tax savings for your vehicle. If we identify tax savings, you may choose to proceed with a full appraisal. We usually complete appraisals within 45 minutes. Payment is only required if you decide to proceed with our appraisal following the initial consultation.

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